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In the days before aeroplanes flew the sky and machines did our work; when people’s most important assets were their hands and their legs, and science did not exist to explain the cause and effect of everything, the humans who lived made up a lot of stories to satisfy their curiosity and explain why things happened the way they did.

The stories in this book are stories that have been passed down from generations to generations. These stories are individually short yet very relaxing, highly educative, and thoroughly amusing. They are the perfect bed-time stories for your kids, and even for adults who want to humour their inner child.

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Blood Tournament (2018, Book One)

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The year is 2018, the place is New World, and the event is the 3rd Annual Fight Tournament. Forty contestants are pitted against each other; ten are expected to be alive at the end of the game...

Give Me Back My Heart (Single)

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Give Me Back My Heart is melodious, romantic, gentle, yet demanding. The long, ringing voice of the singer belting out deeply emotional lyrics, backed with soulful harmonies, and combined with rhythmic drum play makes for a musical experience with an ambience unlike any you've felt before.

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Praises for King Samuel Benson

Lorraine Carey

on 'Hell Struggle'

If you are looking for a real master storyteller, you'll fall in love with King Samuel Benson!

Chloe Thurlow

on 'Tales by Twlight'

King Samuel Benson weaves a tapestry of excitement, sympathy, knowledge and a plethora of bubbling emotions in these short intricate tales.

Lisanne Lombardo

on 'Blood Tournament'

Mr. Benson builds a rich, dystopian world that anyone would be afraid to live in. The story is filled with breathtaking action, and intense relationships and seemingly insurmountable challenges that will keep you riveted.

Damian Stevenson

on 'Blood Tournament'

King Samuel Benson writes with such captivating, mind-gripping tension that you only pull away when you want to gasp for air.

Ey Wade

on 'Hell Struggle'

King Samuel Benson does a terrific job in description of scenery, action and emotions.

Brandt Legg

on 'Hell Struggle'

King Samuel Benson's writing hooks you deeply, and keeps you in. Never a dull moment!

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King Samuel Benson

King Samuel Benson is a singer-songwriter, record producer, novelist, publishing expert and entrepreneur. King Samuel Benson’s skills-set range from book publishing to music production; and his works have left a varying spectrum of impressions – as broad as science and as deep as art. King Samuel Benson may be available for expert publishing services, talk shows, host presentation, voice-over artistry, and creative collaborations.

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